Myrtle Beach Diving

The BEST WESTERN PLUS Grand Strand Inn & Suites, in cooperation with local dive shops, offer beautiful Myrtle Beach Area diving on natural shallow ledges, artificial wrecks/reefs, historical Civil War, World War II, and Storm wrecks beginning just 30 miles offshore. Warm Gulf Stream influenced waters keep our water temperature in the 80's in the summer to near 70 during the spring and fall months.

Diving opportunities are excellent for divers interested in spear fishing, photography, fish collecting, exploring history, UW sightseeing, and more. Common marine life are grouper, snapper, hogfish, barracuda, lobster, rays, octopus, and much much more.

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The Bill Perry

Year: 1992
Depth: 50-65'
Avg. Vis.: 30-60'
Distance: 25 miles

Named in Bill's memory this artificial reef is made up of fish attractors and and ships, including a shrimp boat, tug boat and two 115' Military LCU's (Landing Craft Utility) loaded with Polaris missiles, igniters, and control pods. Due to the forces of nature some of the LCU's cargo now lies scattered around the edges of the wreck which has become a popular site for divers and marine life.

The Hebe

Year: 1942
Depth: 75-108'
Avg. Vis.: 60-80'
Distance: 42 miles

Known as the Twin Cities Wrecks, the Hebe, a Dutch merchant, and the St. Cathan, a British sub chaser, while under blackout conditions to avoid a U-noat reported to be in the area, collided and sunk during W.W.II. these two wrecks now rest on the ocean floor 1/4 of a mile apart.

The BP-25

Year: 1985
Depth: 70-90'
Avg. Vis.: 40-70'
Distance: 30 miles

Affectionately known as the Bernard Perkins, this 160 ft. British Petroleum tanker was intentionally sunk to become a home for the many invertebrates, tropicals and game fish you will discover there. She now lies on her port side awaiting any who wish to visit and explore her beauty.

The Greenville Reef

Year: 1995
Depth: 75-92'
Avg. Vis.: 40-70'
Distance: 34 miles

Two 200 feet ship wrecks, submarine sonar nose cone and assorted wreckage, sunk as part of the artificial reef program, makes for a great SC dive site.

USS Vermilion

Avg. Vis.: 40-90'
Distance:37 miles<

This 468 foot long W.W.II LKA-107 Amphibious Assault Troop Transport was originally sunk upright in 107 feet of water as part of the artificial reef program. After resting two years in the same place she became restless and decided to take one last cruise. She now lies upright but listing slightly 1/4 of a mile from her original resting place. Of course she did have a little help from hurricane Hugo.

City of Richmond

Year: 1964
Depth: 35-55'
Avg. Vis.: 30-50'
Distance: 30 miles

While under tow to the Virgin islands to become a floating hotel/casino, the Richmond (a 261 foot five deck passenger ship) was sunk of the coast of Georgetown during a storm. being made of wood, the upper decks were quickly destroyed by wave action leaving the lower steel decks and hull intact until 25 years later Hurricane Hugo collapsed the much of the ships hull.

The Dolphin

Year: 1990
Depth: 40-75'
Avg. Vis.: 30-50'
Distance: 32 miles

Part of the Cape Romain artificial reef, this 107 foot converted tug was a research vessel for the SC Marine Resources Dept. Now resting upright at the bottom, it has become home to many types of marine life.

Unknown 1800s Wreck

Year: 1800s
Depth: 70-80'
Avg. Vis.: 50-70'
Distance: 28 miles

Meeting its demise in the 1800s, the paddle wheel hubs, engine and scattered wreckage make an exciting dive for exploring the ruins of the past, or to witness the rebirth of the ship as the miriad new inhabitants bring her back to life in the present.

Live Bottom Ledges - 35 Miles

Depth: 75-110'
Avg. Vis.: 40-90'
Distance: 35 miles

Rising up from the ocean floor off our coast lie various rock outcroppings forming ledges, fingers and jigsaw slabs of living rock. These beautiful natural formations and the crevasses they contain are home to an incredible amount of marine life, such as Queen, Blue and French Angels, a variety of damsel fish, butterflies, jack-knife, hogfish, snapper, grouper, crabs, lobster, sponges, corals, hydroids, nudebranches and much more!



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The Best Western Grand Strand Inn & Suites, in cooperation with local dive shops, offer beautiful Myrtle Beach Area diving on natural shallow ledges, artificial wrecks/reefs, historical Civil War, World War II, and Storm wrecks beginning just 30 miles offshore.
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